• In Conversation With Konkana Bakshi

    Konkana Bakshi is a national etiquette expert, sought out industry leader, and the owner of business, social and personal enhancement etiquette schools Savoir Faire and Tres Chic...

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  • Corporate Etiquettes For The Global India

    The journey of Savior Faire Academie commenced with former Miss India Elegance Konkana Bakshi, who established Savoir Faire Academie in 2013 where...

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  • You Be Your Own Brand Ambassador!

    YOU be your own brand ambassador! This is my vision at Savoir Faire and through this I hope to convey its importance to each one of us.

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  • Switzerland Nice Paris

    Travelling opens my mind to new experience, culture and history of different countries. Having travelled voraciously since the age of sixteen...

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  • Answers Your Etiquette Queries

    'Etiquette' may seem like an old-fashioned word, but in reality, modern manners is something you most likely deal with multiple times each day.

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  • Social Etiquette and the Art of Communication

    Communication is a subtle interchange of ideas and ideologies. It happens in a boomerang of words, looks, gestures, and even pauses exchanged between two individuals...

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  • Image Enhancement

    An image of yourself is your identity which measures the parameters of your happiness or sadness throughout your life. So, it is only you who can make your life a fruitful...

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  • The first impression: Men

    The world sees a mélange of faces, all eager to impress. What makes the idiosyncrasies of a stereotypical man stand out as exceptional grandeur? It is the quintessential...

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  • The Importance oF Image Building

    Think of your image as your currency. Your image is like an intangible currency that you earn over a period of time. How you conduct yourself directly or indirectly...

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