Ultimate Savoir Faire Premium Transformation

We recommend The Ultimate Savoir Faire Transformation for a visually remarkable and notable change.

The following transformation is advised to individuals who cater to or interact with various individuals from the niche or higher sections of society, and require or wish to acquire an impactful presence.

Transformation pictures will be provided after image transformation.

Videos will be provided during each session of Business Etiquette, conducted one-on-one.

The following are provided in this Service:

Business Etiquette: 11 sessions

Our sessions will cover the following:

Business Body Language and Posture: – Art of sitting, standing and walking

  • Effective introductions and greetings:

    • The handshake –the correct way of doing it.

    • Exchange of Business Cards.

  • Work Place Civilities:

    • General office courtesies.

    • Meetings, Board Rooms, Conferences.

    • Seating Protocol – placing people correctly.

  • Protocol in business related social engagements.

  • Etiquette related to Business entertaining and Networking.

  • Use of names and titles.

  • Small Talk and conversation guides.

  • Off Site and Office parties.

  • Conduct expected at – Meetings, Board Rooms, Conferences.

  • Gender sensitive etiquette at the workplace.

  • Maintaining appropriate and friendly disposition towards opposite sex colleagues.

  • Chivalrous and courteous behaviour towards lady colleagues.

  • French pronunciation of luxury brands.

Fine dining and silverware etiquette: 2 sessions

Our sessions will cover the following:

  • Formal, multi course sit down dinner – Protocol and Procedures.

  • Place settings and dinner placements.

  • Buffet meals – The Do’s and the Don’ts of it.

  • Use of crockery, cutlery, glassware, and napkins; at formal and informal meals.

  • Eating etiquette – Practical session on eating with forks, knives, spoons, chopsticks and bowls.

  • Finger foods – Food that should be eaten with fingers.

  • Eating Indian meals and etiquette related to it.

  • Food habits in western countries.

  • Information on different food items.

  • Body language at the dining table.

  • Beverages – Classification of alcoholic beverages. How they are served? When and with what foods they are served?

  • Toasting and protocol related to very formal invites.

Image and Wardrobe Makeover For Men: 10 sessions

Our sessions will cover the following:

  • A customised colour analysis.

  • Selecting your best colour palette.

  • How to incorporate colours into your wardrobe?

  • A tutorial contrasting universal styles with fashion style.

  • Your personal style assessment.

  • How to build your style?

  • How and where to Shop for the best styles suited to you in your area?

  • Basic Grooming Tips.

  • Basic Hair and Skin Care Suggestions.

  • Wardrobe consultation.

2 sessions of Personal shopping:

Day 1: Assessment session with pre-transformation shot

Day 2: Skin consultancy with a good Dermatologist. Inclusive of One follow up session for treatment

Day 3: Colour Analysis

Day 4: Body Analysis

Day 5: Wardrobe Consultancy

Day 6: Style Analysis - Formal Clothing

Personal Shopping: Client will be taken to a reputed suit designer for measurements and purchase of high quality clothing material (purchase is exclusive of package). Suggestions for tasteful and complimenting colour and garment combinations will also be provided.

Half a Day Session:

Day 7: Style Analysis

Informal Clothing and Personal shopping.
Client will also be advised on personal grooming and accessories.

Half a Day Session:

Day 8: Hair transformation
Suggestions from a reputed hair stylist along with styling.

Day 9: Nutrition
Suggestions and services by a reputed nutritionist, for a month.

Day 10: Post-transformation professional photo shoot

The above will be conducted across 21 sessions

Charges: Investments details on request

Please Note:

  • Only after booking an appointment with Miss Konkana Bakshi, do we initiate the one-on-one consultancy.

  • All appointments and one-on-one consultancies are conducted at the Trident Hotel, Bandra-Kurla Complex, Mumbai.

  • We require a minimum of a week's notice, to provide the necessary arrangements for the services mentioned.

  • Arrangements for the same and confirmation of the package will be initiated only after we receive full payment, photographs and any other relevant documents of the client.

  • Clients are to purchase at their own cost, garments, skin care, hair care, beauty products and medication (if required) during the consultations.

  • Fee payment is accepted via Bank Transfer/RTGS.

  • Post payment, a copy of the Bank Transfer/RTGS must be emailed, to Savoir Faire Academie, for tracking purposes.

  • Commencement of services will take place only after a scheduled meeting with Miss. Konkana Bakshi, wherein the appropriate mutually agreed upon services will be finalised.

  • Packages and prices are subject to change, depending on the services that are relevant and required.

  • All exclusive private sessions hosted one, and one plus attendance of 6 programmes, for premium guests only can be availed within 2 years.
  • Instead of our guests, a member of family or friend can be nominated through a signed authorised letter by the premium guests.

These sessions are dedicated to provide you with personal attention along with flexibility and absolute discretion. In order to leave no lingering doubt in your mind, we insist on signing a bilateral Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) that legally binds us, our associates, and our trainers from disclosing your details.

Once the legalities are taken care of, the session begins with a comprehensive personality analysis conducted under expert supervision, which gauges the individual’s goals and lifestyle requisites. The in-house faculty analyses the results in-depth, based on which they will contour a program that is tailored uniquely for you. Furthermore, the SFA experts will deliver private coaching at a location best suited to you, irrespective of national and international boundaries.


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