Ultimate Savoir Faire Premium Transformation

Marriage, for two individuals, is not only a dream come true, but also a promise for a lifetime of commitment and responsibilities. So, while we groom you up to look and feel your best ever, we also prepare you for the road ahead. This, we achieve by our specialised Bridal Grooming Program, which is crafted to help you pave your path for your future.

We emphasise on the importance of conducting rehearsals before the big day, because no one wants to have a faux pas on the morning of one’s wedding.

Our bridal grooming consultancy is contoured and custom made entirely. To give you a better understanding of the same, we are listing some topics below:

Total Image Transformation: 14 Sessions

An intensive assessment:

Lifestyle, Expectations and Requirement Analysis along with the Vision of the Transformation.

Body Analysis:

Understanding your body type and how to counter it through clothing styles, shapes and colours.

Brief Colour Theory Tutorial:

A personalized colour analysis.

Colour Psychology:

Selecting the best colour palette suited to you. How to incorporate your colours into your wardrobe?

A tutorial contrasting universal styles with fashion styles:

Your personal style assessment. How to build a style? How and where to shop for your best styles in your area? Personal Wardrobe Analysis and Transformation.

Nutrition Consultancy:

Suggestions and Nutrition plan by a reputed nutritionist for a body transformation.

Hair Transformation:

Inclusive of a complimenting haircut, colour and styling according to your body and skin type.

Skin Consultancy:

Consultancy with a reputed dermatologist. Inclusive of one follow up session.

Make-up Consultancy:

An intensive make-up consultancy with a reputed make-up expert. Understanding make-up products for your skin type.

Post Transformation Photo shoot

Personal Shopping:

  • Understanding the art of Smart Shopping.
  • Learning the art of choosing the right garment styles for your body type.
  • Choosing the right Designers and outfits for your wedding ceremonies (bride-to-be).
  • Selecting the right kind of jewellery and gemstones for your skin tone.

Social Etiquette: 10 Sessions

  • Creating personal presence – Art of sitting, standing and walking.
  • Understanding the dynamics of networking.
  • Effective self-introductions and greetings.
  • Effective Body Language Techniques.
  • Small talk.
  • Use of names and titles.
  • Welcome topics of conversation.
  • Topics to avoid.
  • Key words and phrases.
  • Personal questions.
  • Appearance and public behaviour.
  • Practice applying the networking technique in a simulated environment.
  • Communication and conversation skills.
  • Effective communication skills.
  • Enhancing verbal and non verbal communication skills.
  • Pronunciation and speech.
  • Modulate voice and gestures to churn up emotions.
  • Various exercises to polish enunciation and pronunciations of commonly mispronounced words.
  • Interpersonal Communication and rapport building.
  • The power of words to strike casual conversations.
  • Insights on quick rapport building.
  • Understand the importance of asking the right questions to get desired responses.
  • Managing the verbal and non-verbal factors of communication.
  • Barriers to communications.
  • Effective listening.
  • Constructive criticism.
  • Modulating voice and gestures to churn up emotions in team members and subordinates.
  • Speaking with charm and leaving the listener enthralled, and inspired to take action.
  • Elevated speeches in different settings - Participants learn to introduce themselves in a short and concise manner and practice the art of formal self-introductions in different situations.

Fine dining and Afternoon Tea Protocol:

  • Formal, multi course, sit-down dinners – Protocol and Procedures.
  • Place settings and dinner placements.
  • Buffet meals – The Do’s and Don'ts of it.
  • Use of crockery, cutlery, glassware, napkins, at formal and informal meals.
  • Eating etiquette – Practical session on eating with forks, knives, spoons, chopsticks and bowls.
  • Finger foods – Food that should be eaten with fingers.
  • Eating Indian meals and etiquette related to it.
  • Food habits in western countries.
  • Information on different foodstuff.
  • Body language at the dining table.
  • Beverages – Classification of alcoholic beverages. How they are served? When and with what foods they are served?
  • Toasting and protocol related to very formal invites.
  • Etiquette for hosting a tea party.
  • Choose an elegant theme.
  • Tips for the hostess.
  • Elegant invitations for hosting a tea party.
  • How to set the tea table?
  • Elegant decoration of your tea party.
  • Visual examples of elegant tea party decorations.
  • How to serve tea properly?
  • Serving of coffee.
  • Food that compliments your high tea party.
  • How to pour tea?
  • How to ask for a cup of tea?
  • Tea party guest etiquette.
  • Tip for stirring a cup of tea.

Pre-Marriage Counselling:

24 Sessions: Investments details on request

Please Note:

  • We also provide services on the following at an additional cost:
    • Wedding Planners
    • Wedding Photographers – Pre wedding photo shoot, candid photographers for the wedding
  • All exclusive private sessions, for premium guests only, are hosted based on one and one plus attendance of 6 programmes, that has to be availed within 2 years.
  • Instead of our guests, a member of family or friend can be nominated through a signed authorised letter by the premium guests.


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