Social Etiquette and the Art of Communication

Sorry, Please and Thank you. Such magical wonders Humility can do.

Communication is a subtle interchange of ideas and ideologies. It happens in a boomerang of words, looks, gestures, and even pauses exchanged between two individuals. To this day, communication remains a subtle art and an intricate science.

The quality of one’s communication is known to mirror the quality of one’s life. Since time immemorial, wise minds are said to whisper among themselves that good manners can take you to places where good money can’t.

Good manners are like good apparels. They adorn you with an unmistakable charm and mystifying magnetism. They reveal only what is appropriate. No matter how many proofs may exist to the contrary, people will always judge a book by its cover. In the case of a more human subject, right after your attire, comes the manner in which you present yourself.

Fame, they say, is a fickle friend. Riches can prove to be a treacherous mistress. But your humility is a benevolent, humble wife standing tall by your side even in the hours of dire crisis. That what you say is just as important as how you actually say it. And when you punctuate your statements with steaks of humility, it colours your personality in the inordinate hues of elegance.

Mastering social etiquette is not at all a rocket science. It’s a matter of patience and panache. It’s about tweaking your attitude to the point of finesse, smearing your image with grace and excellence. Just take a deep breath and gracefully float into the character. Let the lights fade out in the backdrop and when you open your eyes gently and gingerly, get ready to meet all the appraisals and the criticisms with your characteristic poise and cool. Let your benignant smile plead your case.

It’s all about leveraging your moves to give the best impression about you. Work your charm ceaselessly, effortlessly all the way with your walk, talk, posture, and pose. Elegance is an art. It’s not inherited with stature; it’s mastered with time and consequent practice. Your impression is in your hands; you must blaze the trail and also walk on it. In your catwalk to grandeur, Savoir Faerie Academie is right there by your side. Let’s work together to embellish your image and quote it with a rare air of propriety.