The first impression: Men

"People will stare, make it worth their while". Harry Winston

The world sees a mélange of faces, all eager to impress. What makes the idiosyncrasies of a stereotypical man stand out as exceptional grandeur? It is the quintessential balance created by taking into account his physical appearance, personality and of course, his financial blueprint no matter how big or small.

So how do you strike this equilibrium and prevail?

By choosing an Image consultant, a guide who will help you select clothes and accessories that flatter your form and will compliment your personality while giving you a dignified and confident persona.

Fashion and styling for Men is a complex routine that changes with the vast heterogeneity of the masses, the key is to ferret out the poise that is made singularly for you. It is your birthright as a man to look good and feel great but it is often seen as a hassle to start building a unique wardrobe. Your reflection emerges with the colours and styles that suit you and Savoir Faire Academie collaborate with you on making appropriate choices so that shopping becomes less of a chore and more productive of a productive investment. Be it a momentous professional meeting or a date with your significant other, a man’s credibility and grace improves when he is dressed fit for the occasion and not to mention comfortable in his skin.

Whether you want a better understanding of colour or a full image overhaul- Konkana Bakshi, the principle consultant of Savoir Faire Academie will help you achieve your style grail.

Konkana, through her years of experience, has mastered the art of elegance. She channels her virtuoso advice towards a sustainable makeover involving aspects like hygiene, grooming and posture that blend together to truly attain the best version of you. A 1.5-hour tete-a- tete with Konkana will breathe new life into your charisma and you’ll be ready to face the future with a newfound zest.

    This 1.5-hour session includes:

  • Colour me happy: An intensive study that results in selecting shades that complement your natural colouring and enhance your appearance. SFA creates a medley of combinations that include colours and patters, unique to the various kinds of events you attend- casual and formal.
    The psychological affect that specific colours leave on you as well as others is attained through this session to ensure that your physical appearance is always uplifting.
  • Fit’n fine: Your body type and built is analyzed and you are presented with the best options for jackets, shirts and trousers. SFA understands that even the perfect pair of clothes don’t mean a thing without the ultimate fit, and guarantee that every outfit looks like it has been tailor made for you.
  • The golden value: Your image consultants at SFA create an unparalleled coordinated wardrobe keeping in mind your budget and ensure that you get maximum value for your money out of the clothing investments.
  • Accessorize right: Your first impression does not end at just your clothes, it’s the exquisite culmination of style, which includes- your hair, accessories and eyewear.

As a conclusion of our session, you will receive your own personalised wallet containing multifarious fabric swatches best suited for your style. A distinctive summary unified with a great host of ideas and tips that have been crafted specific to your needs and a Savoir Faire Visual credibility workbook for men. It is truly a wholesome approach that will make your first and last impressions exemplary at Rs. 13,900 plus taxes for 1.5-hours.

If you wish to go that extra mile and resonate pure poise then Savoir Faire can arrange to take you shopping with an In-house personal shopper and provide a list of retail outlets where you can find formal and casual clothes, which suit best for your style.

You could embark on a journey to exquisiteness with Savoir Faire that takes you through a four-day transformation of 24 hour training guaranteeing a visually remarkable transformation. See a metamorphosis that will enhance your overall personal image- sharpen your communication skills, soften your body language, enrich your social mannerism, augment your networking skills, amplify your business etiquette and underline the finesse of social etiquette that includes fine dining etiquette, body language, media interview skills. All hosted and conducted at a renowned luxury hospitality address with utmost secrecy without the disclosure of your personal information or individual identity.

The first impression may not be the last one but with Savoir Faire Academie, you can ensure that it is a memorable one.