Personal Image Consulting

The first impression always leaves a mark. Your style is a reflection of who you are- a persona unique to you. The right guidance could transform the way you are understood and our session does just that for you. Every little detail counts and makes a difference. Whether you are a successful business executive meeting clients, a homemaker who wants to make an impression or a college student, everyone can benefit from our session. This rendezvous will not only help get a grasp on style but also enhance and bring out a more charismatic you.

This intensive session includes:

  • Brief Colour Theory Tutorial
  • A personalized colour analysis
  • Selecting the best colour palette suited to you
  • How to incorporate your colours into your wardrobe
  • Colour Psychology
  • A tutorial contrasting universal styles with fashion styles
  • Your personal style assessment
  • How to build a style
  • How and where to shop for your best styles in your area
  • Basic Grooming Tips
  • Basic Hair and Make up Suggestions

Duration: 2 hours
Cost: Rs. 14,599 plus taxes at 14.5%.