Luxury Appreciation Training

At the heart of luxury lies a person. How you come across to your client, the messages you convey (both verbally and physically), how you sell yourself and the brand, and consequently how you make your product or service come alive, are all integral to the success of your brand.

This programme teaches luxury brand ambassadors the soft skills necessary to build rapport with clients and to enhance a client’s desire for a product, service and brand. Equally, for those in a support role, the programme explores the level of service that is expected of anyone involved in a luxury business – from sales associates to suppliers alike.

Luxury is also personal, and a successful brand ambassador can champion a brand while not losing sight of his or her own voice. This, combined with the quality of the product or service, is what generates customer loyalty. The Luxury Brand Ambassador Programme provides the essential skills to establish a strong first and lasting impression when dealing with both domestic and international clientele.

This programme includes a brief understanding on different luxury brands and teaching the right pronunciation of the difficult French and Italian luxury brands.

Duration: 2 hours
Costing: Rs.85,000 plus service tax